YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT / industrial robot vs sword master

『YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT』は、「6mmBB弾居合斬り」を始め数多くの世界記録を保持する町井氏の神業とも言える剣技を、”俊敏性”・”正確性”・”しなやかさ”を高次元に融合させるという産業用ロボットの性能限界に挑みながら「MOTOMAN-MH24」で忠実に再現すると同時に、日本の武士道が大切にしてきた礼節や相手を思いやる心まで表現するプロジェクトです。
Yaskawa Electric Corporation conveys to the world the “manufacturing spirit” inherited continuously in itself to mark its 100th anniversary of foundation.
In “YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT”, we reproduced Machii’s swordplay with MOTOMAN-MH24, while challenging the industrial robot’s performance limitations by integrating “legerity”, “accuracy” and “agility” at a high level. Machii retains many world records like “cutting a 6mm BB bullet”, and his swordplay has a reputation of theurgist. In this project, we also tried to express the courtesy and considerateness that Bushido has cherished.