Shiretoko: Where Diverse Nature and Wildlife Live in Harmony | World Natural Heritage in Japan

The Shiretoko Peninsula, located off Hokkaido’s northeastern coast, is regarded as one of Japan’s most beautiful nature parks and features an unspoilt landscape of forests, cliffs, wetlands, lakes, and mountains teeming with wildlife. In 2005, Shiretoko was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site ( and today serves as a popular getaway where visitors can disconnect from modern life and immerse themselves in nature.

Discover untouched forests and hidden worlds of deer, foxes, birds, and bears at the renowned Shiretoko Goko Lakes, and unwind in the Kamuiwakka Hot Falls’ natural hot springs. At Mount Rausu—Shiretoko’s highest peak—witness all encompassing panoramas of the peninsula’s naturescape.

The surrounding ocean is also rich in marine life and serves as a popular location for sightseeing cruises and kayaking experiences. Be sure to enjoy Shiretoko’s locally-sourced seafood as well!

Follow us through Shiretoko’s blessed nature, and discover why you should include it in your next trip to Japan.

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