Making Sake On Sado OFFICIAL TRAILER: The Adventure Begins!


IT CAN NOW BE REVEALED! In the summer of 2021 I spent one week making Japanese Sake at Gakkogura – a brewery school run by Obata Shuzo. Now, you can join me on this adventure in a multi-part documentary series exclusive to Kanpai Planet.

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This Introduction video sets the scene: What is Gakkogura? Where is Sado Island? Why does this brewery school exist? All these questions and more will be answered as we begin our sake-making journey, with a few hints of the adventure to come!

The Day 1 video will be released on 3 March 2022, with a new episode dropping every 4 days until 31 March. That’s right – 7 days of sake making and one, special, yet-to-be-revealed bonus video!

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Filming | Production | Direction | Script | Editing | Graphics | Translation: New Media Eye, Danielle Kelly
Technical Review: Chris Hughes

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