Japan’s Ambassador Kanji Yamanouchi straps on Fender Stratocaster, plays Hendrix for July 4

Would Japan’s Consul General run divebombs down the length of an distorted open E string to portray the rockets red glare as Jimi Hendrix did in his psychedelic version of The Star Spangled Banner in 1969? Why yes he would.

And he’d put a little vibrato on it before he little winged it out his 10-watt Vox amp. Consul General Yamanouchi would have made Jimi righteous proud, laughing, and slapping palms. The Japanese people should be proud too.

The Ambassador was an 11 year old boy in Japan the year Jimi Hendrix died. I just smile when people want to dispute the fact that our hometown kid Jimi is one of the most influential guitarists in the world even 50 years after his death.