Inside the secret world of Koi | Japan Documentary

Join The Koi Partner as we follow different Koi breeders in Japan to discover what it is like to be inside the secret world of Koi.

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0:01 – Intro
2:34 – Torazo Koi Farm
7:35 – Shintaro Koi Farm
15:14 – Yagenji Koi Farm
18:01 – Koda Koi Farm
22:43 – Marusai Koi Farm
23:20 – Maruhiro Koi Farm
26:17 – Yagenji Koi Farm (Karashigoi harvest)
35:08 – INC (Isawa Nishikigoi Center)
36:52 – Yamamatsu Koi Farm
41:50 – Main Harvest Marudo Koi Farm

Imagine a place where one specific fish is part of one of the most ancient cultures of our planet. Here, several generations have worked day in and day out for something special and unique. Here is also the country where people and nature live in harmony. Over a hundred years breeders have developed a unique way to turn a certain fish species into a true work of art.

October, Japan.

It is harvest season. For most koi breeders this is the moment they have been looking forward to for an entire season.

For several months these fish have been delivered to mother nature high in the mountains.

Despite the daily checks by the breeder, it is not without risk. There is a lot at stake, not just this year’s harvest, but also the many years of energy put into the care of these Nishikigoi.

Birds, bears, risk of disease and mother nature, all risks that the breeder must take into account.

Fortunately, breeders such as Tsuyoshi Kawakami have gained generations of experience, allowing them to develop their koi every year full of confidence.

I have been invited to one of the harvests of the Torazo family. In addition to Tsuyoshi Kawakami, his daughter Yuki and her husband Homare are helping to harvest these precious Koi fish.

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