Inside Japan’s Tallest Skyscraper

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Japan’s Torch Tower already has a big reputation to live up to. Set to be Japan’s tallest building at 390 meters or 1,279 feet tall, the new 63-floor construction project will feature state-of-the-art offices, luxury commercial retail, a glamorous hotel, and an observation deck with stunning views of Tokyo and Mount Fuji. The project is being developed by Mitsubishi Estate with a budget of over USD $8 billion. The tower will be made to look like a torch, with flames that light-up on the building’s very top. This Tokyo Torch is part of a plan to create a business hub right outside Tokyo Station made up of four main buildings, including two skyscrapers, an outdoor plaza, restaurants, retail, and a waterfront promenade.

Tokyo is Japan’s center when it comes to business, so Mitsubishi is attempting to create an attractive place for forgein and domestic entrepreneurs to run their companies. As well as being a financial hub, the Torch Tower is going to be one of the safest buildings in the city. It’ll be resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes, contain community shelters, and it’s also pretty pandemic proof. With lots of outdoor space for social interaction as well as everything you could want or need in the building– including top-notch security– the skyscraper is bound to attract cautious and curious travellers as well as business leaders from all over the world. Here’s a closer look at Torch Tower, as well as why Mitsubishi is taking on this daunting development.

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