Hamamatsu Autonomous Driving Yaramaika Project | Our vision of the future | Suzuki

This is a story of the future that Suzuki and our partners aim with the Hamamatsu Autonomous Driving Yaramaika Project.

▼Hamamatsu Autonomous Driving Yaramaika Project
Hamamatsu, Japan is the city where Suzuki has located its headquarters ever since its foundation one century ago.

Here, Suzuki is working on a joint project called “Hamamatsu Autonomous Driving Yaramaika* Project” along with the local government, a transportation company, and an IT service provider to help resolve transit issues in the rural areas of Japan.

By providing services using autonomous vehicles, those living in areas without means of transportation will be able to move freely whenever they desire, contributing to a better quality of life, and revitalization of the region.

*”Yaramaika” is a phrase unique to the area around Hamamatsu which means, “Let’s do it”, indicating the pioneering, challenging spirit to innovate and try new things.

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