ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! (Ei Wada + Nicos Orchest-lab) 2017

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ブラウン管ガムラン │ CRT-TV Gamelan
エアコン琴 + テレ線 │ A/C Harp + Telesen
扇風琴 │ Electric Fan Harp
電磁盆踊り │ Eleco-Magnetic Bon-Dance
ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! is a project where retired electrical appliances are resuscitated as electromagnetic musical instruments, new ways to play music are invented, and all kinds of people are invited to be orchestrated with the artist and musician Ei Wada.
Currently, we have 3 main bases of creation in Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hitachi. More than 70 members have joined the project from diverse fields such as engineers, designers, musicians, and management members.
And we transformed CRT televisions, electric fans, air conditioners and telephones as instruments until now.
In 2017, we staged the Electro-Magnetic Bon-Dance Festival. The original purpose of the Bon Dance is to mourn the dead; here we extended its concept for the memorial service of electronics.
We actively adapt the original functions of the devices by due to ingenuity, converts them into instruments, and spins fantasies as we dream about “Electromagnetic Native Music” and its festivals born from worn-out technologies.

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