Crystal Universe / クリスタル ユニバース βVer.

By installing LEDs in three-dimensional space, it is possible to create a real-time interactive, moving 3-D artwork. teamLab employed its original Interactive 4-D Vision in creating the Crystal Universe interactive installation of a seemingly infinite number of light particles positioned in a three-dimensional space.

Viewers of the artwork can enter and walk around in the three-dimensional light space. A viewer’s entrance into the space affects all of the lights in a way that causes change to occur throughout the installation indefinitely. Meanwhile, the viewer continues to cause further change wherever in the Crystal Universe the viewer is.

The viewer, in other words, is the center of the universe and becomes one with the light and body of the installation. Viewers, moreover, may bring about change to the Crystal Universe through access from a smartphone. They merely select a universe element, face the Crystal Universe, and swipe toward the installation to add the selected element to the artwork.