IN SEARCH OF THE ORIGINS OF LIFE (Mission Hayabusa2 & Mascot)

+++ Three hops in three asteroid days – MASCOT successfully completes the exploration of the surface of asteroid Ryugu +++

++++ Updates: +++

+++ MASCOT ist am 3. Oktober 2018 erfolgreich auf Asteroid Ryugu gelandet! +++

MASCOT is a lander on board the Japanese #Hayabusa2 spacecraft.
The destination of the mission is the asteroid Ryugu. MASCOT will
touch down on the surface, ‘hop’ from location to location, and carry
out measurements at various points on an asteroid for the frst time in

More Information via #AsteroidLanding, the #MASCOT Twitter Account and our dedicated Mission Site

Playlist Hayabusa2 and MASCOT:

– mixed language version – Subtitles available in GERMAN & ENGLISH