Gatebox – Concept Movie 1st “CARE”_english

Gatebox Concept Movie 1st “CARE” There are lots of products that speak loudly about “smartness”, utilizing difficult vocabularies.
But what do we really want in our life?
We have developed our first prototype of Gatebox to express one’s daily life fulfilled with comfort given by one’s beloved one, and surely not a life surrounded by machines.

Cast : Azuma Hikari & You Device : Gatebox Prototype 01

■Gatebox Prototype 01
With the Prototype01, we made the character appear in front of you utilizing a small-size rear projection technology. We also developed a few function to support your life utilizing voice and image recognition communication technologies.

■What is Gatebox
Gatebox is the World First virtual home robot that enables you to live with your favorite character.


■Gatebox Inc. Corporate website

■Video production
Producer : Toshitaka Shinoda (Amana Ijigen)
Director : Wakamura P
Music : Serph

■Movie Original ver