Ancient Nara, Japan in 4K Ultra HD

Nara was the capital of Japan during the 8th century, from 710 to 784. Nara was Japan’s first capital and the seat of the Emperor. Listed as UNESCO World heritage site for its historic monuments, dating from the 8th century. The Buddhist Monuments in the nearby Horyu-ji Area are listed as another World Heritage Site, some of its structures date from the late-7th or 8th century, which makes them some of the oldest wooden buildings in the world.
Historic monuments in the video: Todai-ji Temple – Great Buddha Hall (0:37), Nigatsu-Do Hall (2:16), Kasuga Taisha Shrine (2:42), Gojū-no-tō – the five-storied pagoda of Kōfuku-ji temple (4:55), Hōryū-ji Temple (5:13).Recorded May 2019 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX700.

PeriTune (Sei Mutsuki) – Oboro
音楽素材「PeriTune」,, 制作者:むつき醒(Sei Mutsuki)
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