TIA&TW – Revitalization and Recovery in Miyagi, Japan

Episode 2030: Revitalization and Recovery in Miyagi, Japan
While on location in the Japanese prefecture of Miyagi, This Is America & The World and Dennis Wholey speak to different guests to understand how the area is recovering after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. To learn about the prefecture as a whole, Dennis Wholey speaks with Governor Yoshihiro Murai and finds that in many striking ways the prefecture is recovering at a bold and rapid rate. Miyagi bears the scares of the 2011 disaster but refuses to be defined by it. Segments explore various sites that are now symbols of revitalization in the area such as the Ishinomaki Fish Market, which was destroyed in 2011 but has since been rebuilt as the largest fish market in the world; the Sendai Airport which has developed into an airport unlike any other despite being dramatically impacted in the tsunami and even a small company named Yaguchi Denshi which is developing an amazing device to assist children with “weak eyes”, which was conceived in the immediate aftermath of the 2011 disaster. Each interview communicates the stunning resilience of the Japanese people in the face of adversity.