Beyond Omotenashi: How to Showcase Japan to the World

October 14, 2018 G1 Global Conference:

When Christel Takigawa gave her famous “Omotenashi” speech to help Tokyo win the 2020 Summer Olympics bid in 2013, it signaled the start of a shift in the way Japn communicates its image globally. Japan has become a model of soft power, with its culture spreading in diverse ways few other countries can replicate, from anime and otaku culture to gourmet food to postmodern art and architectural design. Has something changed? Is this a hint of “Cool Japan 2.0”?

A fortunate result of this renaissance is that Japan now means many different htings to many different people. What is the best way to continue this positive trend? The 8th G1 Global brought the consultant behind Tokyo’s successful Olympics bid together with other international perspectives to discuss how Japan can shape its image globally.

Martin Newman (CEO, The Leadership Council)
Masi Oka (Actor/Writer/Producer, Mobius Productions)
Naho Shigeta (Founder & CEO, INFOBRIDGE Marketing & Promotions Co., Ltd.)
Stefan Wagstyl (Journalist, Financial Times/Nikkei)
Ross Rowbury (President, Edelman Japan KK)