SHIKOKU Driving Tourism by ANA

While exploring the city, try the local dish, Nabeyaki Ramen. This ramen has been cooked in a small one-person nabe pot. The pot traps in all the flavor, creating the greatest most flavorful chicken ramen. A short drive away from the city is a fantastic store where one can try their hand at making their own traditional Japanese washi paper. The process is seemingly straightforward but amazingly fun. While the paper is drying, the Niyodo River awaits. With a fantastic blue hue, one cannot resist getting their feet wet.

The paper-making process isn’t long, and the drying process only takes around 30-40 minutes, depending on the weather. Rivers and paper making are fantastically fun, but this is a driving trip, and no driving trip in Kochi is complete without a drive down the Yokonami Kuroshio Line, a road which stretches way out into the tiny Kochi Peninsula. The sea views, the mountain paths, the spectacular straight and breath-taking curves, the Yokonami Kuroshio Line is honestly the greatest road to drive on in Kochi. For anyone who loves driving, this is a road I wouldn’t leave un-driven. Famous for Yuzu and hosting various different foods and restaurants, choosing just one might seem impossible. However, at the end of Kochi’s main shopping street sits “Hirome Ichiba,” a kind of open market where customers can peruse various types of food from different vendors and eat them right there in the hall, a fantastic location dripping in the local culture.