RidRoid CanguRo

主人に常に寄り添うパートナーロボット。移動の際にはトランスフォームして、主人の身体機能(運動機能と感覚機能)を拡張する人機一体の乗り物となる。最新のロボティクスとAI技術を融合させた”機械生命体”、それがCanguRo です。

fuRo collaborated with Shunji Yamanaka


As a partner robot, it never leaves the side of its master. It transforms into a vehicle that augments its master’s physical functions—motional and sensory—and travels with the master as one. It is a machine lifeform produced from the latest robotics and AI technologies fused by product design. Its name is CanguRo. Movie: Kaoru Imafuku.