This is Tokyo|Tokyo City Japan Time Lapse Ver.2



今回は撮る場所が分からなかったので、東京や横浜でご活動されているのハイクオリティのdarwinfish105さんの「Tokyo City Flow ( 」を参考にして回らせて頂きました。ありがとうございます。

一年前に撮った「TOKYO City TimeLapse Ver.1」はコチラ→ 少しは成長しました。

Blog :
Taken was put together the Tokyo of the time-lapse in March.

Has come out noise too touched a little color. .
We believe that we should take in RAW from the next time.

Since the location did not know to take, rotate and of Mr. darwinfish105 of are your activities in Tokyo and Yokohama, the “Tokyo City Flow (” in reference then we were.
Thank you very much.
Camera:SONY α6000
Camera:SONY α6300
Lens:SONY E 10-18mm F4 OSS
Lens:SONY E 20mm F2.8

Camera:SONY RX100M4
Other equipment: tripod, variable ND filter, ND16 filter and ND400

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