The Rise of Esports in Japan – “Group Synergies” Drive the Market

“CyberAgent IR Channel” has released its 17th video: “The Rise of Esports in Japan – Group Synergies Drive the Market.” Esports are enjoying massive popularity across the globe and the wave of esports have also clearly hit Japan. Many companies announced a launch of pro-league or pro-team creations for esports.

CyberAgent recognized its potential benefit and quickly joined the esports business.  “RAGE,” an esports event we started in 2016 has become one of the country’s largest esports event with 35,000 audiences.

CyberAgent owns ‘’ and ‘AbemaTV,’ media channels with a strong affinity for gaming and creates an ecosystem which accelerates the growth of the esports market. This 4-minute video will show these CyberAgent’s unique strengths.

CyberAgent aims the further growth with actively investing in new businesses in the future.